This blog started out as a companion piece to my book, Musings from the Christian Left (excerpts of which can be found in the July 2004 link) and to support a planned radio show. Now, its simply a long term writing project from a Christian Left Libertarian perspective (meaning I often argue for liberty within the (Catholic) Church, rather than liberty because the church takes care of a conservative view of morality.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Anti-immigrant is pro-life? | National Catholic Reporter

Anti-immigrant is pro-life? | National Catholic Reporter by MSW.  MGB: Most of the pro-life movement is an adjunct of the Republican Party, except when its not.  Those of us who are considered pro-life Democrats are not seen as so by the GOP side.  Indeed, the key thing to know about the GOP version of the movement is that it is entirely electoral.  It holds to positions that cannot ever be enacted, which is a great tool for separating the faithful from their time and treasure.


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