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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Archbishop says US church must 'redouble' efforts on marriage issue | National Catholic Reporter

Archbishop says US church must 'redouble' efforts on marriage issue | National Catholic Reporter These bishops are very close minded on this question.  If God creates marriages with two people who contract marriage with each other, with the priest merely acting as witness for the community and parish, how is this different for gays?  As importantly, if the two becoming one flesh is the essential part of marriage (not fecundity - which is not required under canon law), is it not infantalizing gays to deny them the right to form an adult sexual relationship and thus leave their family of origin when their straight brothers and sisters have this right?  Finally, does the Church really want to send the message that gay promiscuity and gay monogamy are morally the same?  Seriously?  I don't think so!

The bishops are running scared.  They know that half their priests are probably gay (unless like other Republicans they don't believe survey research).  Such priests would gladly bless gay unions privately and many may seek release from their vows in order to marry themselves, nor never buy into the self-loathing that drove many into the priesthood originally.  Acceptance of gay marriage by society will end the celibate male priesthood and may even lead to an Abbess becoming a member of the Order of Bishops, which scares them to the core.


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