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Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Nate Silver - 1; Karl Rove - 0 | National Catholic Reporter

Nate Silver - 1; Karl Rove - 0 | National Catholic Reporter by MSW.  MGB: I got more sleep because I did not stay awake for the President's celebration, but I did see Romney's concession. My concern is that while Rove was objecting, Romney would not concede. If that is not a sign that the Crossroads operation between Rove and the campaign was interlinked to an extent that is probably illegal, nothing else can be. On a personal note, nothing can restore the hour of sleep I lost while Romney dithered with Rove's speculations. On a separate personal note, yesterday, based on the polls available, I projected Obama would get 330 electoral votes, while Rove said Romney would get 285. Should Florida fall to Obama, as widely expected, my projection will prove exact. I don't think even Silver got that close. Perhaps you should read (and cite) my blog more and sign up for my newsfeed on Facebook.


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