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Monday, November 12, 2012

Post-Mortems Abound | National Catholic Reporter

Post-Mortems Abound | National Catholic Reporter by MSW. MGB: School choice had its day when the holy sisters worked for peanuts. While we still have sisters operating schools, they are often more geared to the economically elite, given the cost of hiring top rated teachers.

As for Obama, don't confuse your disdain for the result for it being really bad law. It actually is not. It is correct on three points. Point one is that the states are not competent to say who is a citizen, a person or subject to the protection of the government in human rights. That is very clear by the attempts made to deny benefits to Latino undocumented workers. Second, unless the fetus is declared a person, their interests are not to be considered. Three, the plain reading of the Constitution justifies beginning personhood at birth. If you don't like it, pass a law federal law (no amendment is needed), but make sure it cuts no corners on equal protection. The federal law must deal with how miscarriages are treated under the law and the limits of investigation and tort relief. Of course, after you deal with these issues, you must essentially start life at the start of the second trimester, if not assisted viability.
Saying you are pro-life while not insisting on such legislative language is to join in a fraud.
As for the Church, I am sure Sr. Carol and Fr. Larry are doing just fine and have not lost their White House entry badges. If you want relations to improve, have the Church hire staff that will tell it what it does not want to here on contraception (that it is a right under preventative coverage dating to December 2000). This issue is going away, as it is entirely electoral. Time to stop talking about it.


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