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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Below Freezing in Hell: MSW Agrees with Weigel | National Catholic Reporter

Below Freezing in Hell: MSW Agrees with Weigel | National Catholic Reporter by MSW.  MGB: Here is the thing.  I agree with the UN.  The Holy See's position on its liability for the actions of the bishops it is feels free to appoint is simply wrong.  Either the Pope, the Conference of Bishops and the diplomatically appointed Nunios are is in charge and therefore accountable or they are not.  Put in those terms, there is not argument.

As for the legality of abortion, it is different from the morality of it.  Far different.  One can condemn it and refuse to give the state a role in restricting it - which is what the Church should do - rather than hoping that there is some way that governments can actually outlaw abortion without simply leaving the tragedy of abortion in place while spreading the carnage to women and girls.  The Church has aligned itself with some nasty characters, from third world autocrats to the American Republican Party, in service to its pious wish that abortion can be regulated by the state - especially in a world of increasingly natural rights republics (rather than unfettered parliaments).  Instead, it should focus on state actions which make having a child economically favorable - such as raising the minimum wage and enlarging a child tax credit.


Blogger Michael Bindner said...

A few follow-up points. First, the Church is arguing that each diocese is independently managed. In essence, they are adopting a franchise model - which is unfortunate. Capitalist firms adopt this model to offset the responsibility for human resources (for repair and sales) and inventory risk for the purchase of land, facilities and vehicles/hamburgers/etc. - product. This risk shedding is why the papacy claims it is not responsible for its bishops and their miconduct in covering up child sexual abuse - just as franchisees prevent the unionization of the sales force - which leads to lower wage jobs and the need in some industries for a minimum wage. The irony is both thick and sickening.

Second, many young people have abortions because they have been taught that premarital sex is immoral (although the message is more about shame than morals). This makes those priests and bishops as responsible for teen abortions as the horny young men who were involved in the pregnancy. A new mood of sexual tolerance, which is pervasive in secular culture, would see more children come to term and kept by the mothers - rather than fueling the need for adoption services for infertile (and richer) Catholic couples. No wonder Catholic girls have as high, if not higher, abortion rates than the general population.

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