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Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Iraqi Insurgency - What is their motivation?

After a bloody day of terrorism in Iraq, I ask myself - what interests do the terrorists have in stopping the election? It seems they are taking sore loserism to a new height, since the Sunni's have no chance of ever gaining majority control in Iraq again. It can't be that. Is it that they blindly want to embarass the United States, because to them we are the great Satan? Possibly, although if this is their motive they are shooting themselves in the foot to spite their toes. I think the most likely hypothesis is that they are seeking a return of Baathist tyranny as part of some plan put in place by the old regime. This is at least worthy of investigation. If this is the case, it is yet another war crime to be laid at the feet of Sadam Hussein. I suggest that if this is the case, that Sadam be tried not by the Iraqis, but by the United States military for continuing war crimes. In essence, we should announce that Sadam will be held responsible for the insurgency with his life. If the insurgency wants to play the hostage game, it may be time to up the ante.

I offer this for your debate - if anyone is reading. I have also offered this to the White House, where at least an email clerk will read it and refer it for response. It is a novel enough question to be noticed, so watch the web site for a response. How's that for a headline for Al Jazeria, White House Considering Holding Sadam Responsible for Insurgents. This is one urban legend that might do some good if it stops the insurgency. I also suggested to the White House that Iraq be partitioned and that the Iraqi, Iranian and possibly the Turkish Kurds be allowed their own nation (as I suggested on this blog earlier this week).

So, is anyone out there?


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