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Monday, October 02, 2006

What Hastert Knew (and What About Davis?)

Sunday's Post seems to confirm what I said yesterday, that Hastert seems to have known. His constituents and those of Mr. Boehner have a choice to make about their priorities: pages or the party.

Tom Davis is in the leadership. The great unanswered question is, did he know anything about this affair?


Blogger Progressive Christian said...

The most ourtrageous thing is Hastert claiming he "doesn't recall" Boehner telling him this past spring about Foley. As Speaker of the House, a Constitutional office, as well as Republican Party leader in the House, Hastert is responsible for the conduct of House members (the buck stops in his office) at both an institutional and party level. So he is either too stupid to hold office, or criminally negligent. If he is lying now, he is the latter; if he is telling the truth (which contradicts a statement made by his office earlier), he is the former. Either way, he, and the whole rotten bunch of 'em need to go as soon as freakin' possible.

7:33 PM

Anonymous JollyRoger said...

As one of "Junket John" Boehner's reluctant constituents, I have to say I don't expect anything good from such a sleazeball.

Denny was Dale Gribble DeLay's window dressing, always. How can anyone be shocked to discover he's ineffectual at best?

1:22 AM

Blogger Michael Bindner said...

I tried to e-mail this post to Boehner's opponent. He doesn't have a web page. How can you not have a web page when running for Congress? I fired off a message to the DCCC. Hopefully they will pour some money into this race.

1:01 PM

Blogger Progressive Christian said...

I heard this morning on Jay Marvin's radio show that John Boehner tried to retract his claim that he told Hastert months ago about Foley, then changed back to his original story. The commentator from called what is currently going on with the Republican leadership a circular firing squad. If it weren't so tragic - if human lives weren't in the process of being destroyed - I would laugh hysterically.

1:35 PM

Blogger Andy D said...

Why should Hastert resign? No laws have been broken. Foley has left in disgrace. Three different news agencies had the same information as Hastert, and didn’t do anything with it. There has been no evidence that Hastert did anything illegal. Why should he resign?

12:48 PM

Blogger Michael Bindner said...

First, he should have known what was going on. Having a staff that protects you from that kind of news is just bad management.

Second, he has abandonned the principle of majority rule, instead insisting on the will of the majority of the majority party. Sometimes you have to let coalitions build that don't include you and let them work their will. That is how you govern and eventually keep your majority. (In other words, be fair and don't tick the other side off too badly). His speakership of late is a disaster for the governance of this nation and he should quit.

Third, even if he is somehow not guilty in the Foley affair, he is likely to be considered guilty of the Cardinal sin of speakership, loss of his majority. Whether or not he should resign, the likelihood is, after the election, he will.

2:24 PM


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