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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ann Coulter's Attacks on John Edwards

Ann Coulter is at it again. The Post reports that this time she is attacking John Edwards and is oh so diappointed when it helps his fundraising. Duh, Ann.

Ann is nothing, if not consistent. She has made her fame in attacking the "liberal elite" while looking ravishing doing so. Sadly for her poor readers, it is a the myth that there is a "Hollywood Elite" that controls what the nation thinks. Rather, it is the rich largely Republican owned media companies (that also employer her) that are poisoning the nation's values.

First, let us trace the perception of an elite. The Hollywood elite used to be called the "cultural elite." Prior to that it was the "Liberal elite," which was short hand for the self-styled New York Jewish Liberal Elite - which no longer exists. Of course, knowing this history, when I hear the term "elite" from a Republican, I hear coded anti-semitism - which is buried not too far under the surface in the heartland.

Second, let us settle once and for all the question of an elite that controls what the nation sees and who is responsible for it. Unlike some, who would say that what we see is a response to what the public wants to see, I will concede that there does exist a cadre of media and advertising executives who control what the nation sees and are responsible for much of the trash programming which pollute the airways. The programming we find so objectionable is designed to capture the young male demographic - aged 17 to 29 because they alledgedly spend the money on cars, fast food and movies. All those Levitra, Viagra and Beer ads - this is the target demographic.

More interesting than that, however, is who makes the decision to focus advertising and programming here. It is not the liberal elite that the right wing rants about. The executives that make these decisions are more likely to be Republican donors than liberals. I offer as a case in point one Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox Broadcasting, Fox News and uber Republican donor - recall that he tried to give Newt Gingrich a $5 million advance for his book. Sir Rupert is hardly a raging liberal. If you look at who controls the broadcast networks, the drug companies, the fast food companies and especially the beer companies are controled by members of the Eagle Club. Let me say this another way, the difference between Ann Coulter and Gillian Barberi is less than you would think. They are both blond and both employed by Sir Rupert. Ann, however, keeps her belly button covered. If Ms. Coulter and company are offended for her red state readers, she should not put the blame on any Hollywood elite, but rather should complain to her benefactors at good old Fox Broadcasting.

RECENT: For more on Ann Coulter, here is what they are finding in studies at UVA on Ann v. Adolf Hitler. Go to the quiz they developed here.

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Anonymous wh said...

A coupla years ago, an in-law made a comment about the "hollywood liberal elite" who are so rich they don't know what the real world is like--that's why they're democrats.

I kindly reminded her that W wasn't exactly born on the dirt floor of a cardboard shack.

I think you're on to something about the anti-semitism thing. The Right's media has done a good job of creating this classism/faithism idea that ignores second-step thought (much less socio-historical considerations).

10:10 PM


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