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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

America as a Christian Nation

I have been surfing this morning and came upon an entry on how America is a Christian nation in heritage by a former Michigan Supreme Court Justice (who I believe is Catholic). I had to respond and to share this with all of you.

The nation was founded on a particular brand of Christianity which was decidedly anti-Catholic. Indeed, there are still some quarters where this is still the case. Of course, Catholicism is now the plurality religion, with Catholics as Speaker of the House, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court (and a majority of its members) and President of the Senate - with a former Catholic Charities employee as President of the United States.

The original settlers, including my and the President's Plymouth Colony ancestors would be aghast at this development - so lets not have any more of this Christian nation talk. They would also be aghast that Boston is a hub of Catholic voters, especially Irish Catholic voters and that many of the Plymouth Colony descendents, including your humble servant, are Catholic.


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