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Monday, December 27, 2010

The Pro-life Implications of the Story of Joseph

Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde preached about the example of St. Joseph and the Gabriel Project at the annual respect for life Mass on the fourth Sunday of Advent. The homily can be found at

The Gospel for that Mass have even greater pro-life implications than even the Bishop taught. Joseph had three options under the Law when he found that Mary was with child. They were divorce her quietly, take her into his home and accuse her of adultery and have her drink an herbal solution which causes miscarriage, which if successful would lead to her stoning under the law. In essence, he could have both forced her to have an abortion and then have her killed since the abortion would prove she was pregnant by someone other than him.

Not resorting to this option was the ultimate pro-life act, as it affirms both the right to life of her child and the right to life of the mother, who would have presumed to have committed adultery and thus be liable for execution in what would be described in modern day custom as an honor killing (which still occurs in the region, though not in Israel).

The guarding of the right to life of both the child and the mother should guide our teachings on abortion, as the Gabriel Project does, as well as the progressive desire to fight abortion with expanded benefits and living wage protections for the poor (like increased minimum wages and health care reform).


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