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Monday, October 24, 2016

The culture warrior model on display

The culture warrior model on display: Distinctly Catholic: Last week, Archbishop Charles Chaput delivered another classic culture warrior speech, and his view of the church concerns me.

MGB: Bluster about cultural elites plays into the Fox News crowd.  Last I checked, the enjoyment of elite culture (whatever that is - it used to have something to do with Judaism) was voluntary.

The views of the Catholic Democratic elites are not a cultural phenomenon.  They come from a legal ethic that prizes individual liberty vs. the power of  mass bigotry driven by those seeking religious power.  That the bigots do not win the day is a good thing.  Sadly, we can't force aid to the poor in the same way we can stop official acts against minorities.

Sadly, the Catholic politicians in question have not spoken powerfully on how and why Roe works and is essential.  Then the mass of Catholics may understand it more clearly and we can end this debate - or transform it into a way to give parents the help they need to keep the child.

Acceptance of mainstream constitutional law is not a sin.  Until Chaput realizes this, most of us will simply ignore him._Indeed,_it_is_in_keeping_with_Dignitas_Humanae.

If Chaput wants to be relevant, he can excommunicate Catholic business owners who don't pay a living wage (varying with family size) - starting with Catholic institutions.


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