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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Baby Cheney

Ruth Marcus writes in yesterdays Washington Post about the upcoming birth of the Vice President's grandchild to his lesbian daughter, Mary.

I'll ignore the easy quip about father figures and butchness and get right to the meat.

Mary Cheney is correct about the fact that she is married already. Marriage comes from God and the people involved. Churches and societies only witness them and give them goodies. The lagards will eventually catch up - its a demographic certainty as the more uptight die off.

The second, more important issue, concerns fatherhood. It has nothing to do with Gay Marriage. If conservatives would drop their oppossition to giving welfare benefits to intact families and end the incarceration of drug users and small time dealers, this crisis of fatherhood will go away. Unless someone is a raging alcoholic or addict, a little pot use will not make them a bad father any more than a few glasses of wine or a cocktail will. If conservatives demoan the assault on fatherhood, they should look in the mirror first.


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