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Friday, August 31, 2007

Larry Craig - Out for being Out?

Tonite the Washington Post reports that tomorrow Senator Larry Craig will announce that in thirty days he is resigning. The question I have is, should he resign or repay the loyalty of his partisans by pulling a Jeffords?

Loyalty is supposedly a Republican virtue. Obviously, however, if only flows one way.

I am not saying being gay is sick, however denying one is gay and acting out in public restrooms is certainly the hallmark of a sex addiction. He should be pitied, not condemned. So, if he decides to resign his membership in the Party, but not the Senate, he should be encouraged to do so PROVIDED that he gets treatment in a 12 step fellowship for sexual addication and that he becomes a vote against the war and for impeachment.

The alternative is living with a safer Senate seat as the current Lt. Governor of Idaho takes office and votes hard line GOP. Keeping the devil we know, and letting him at least stay as an independent, is better than the devil we can see coming.


Blogger James Young said...

Soooo, the only way he can redeem himself is by becoming a moonbat.

I don't think he should resign, because I'm not persuaded he's guilty (the tape is itself reasonable doubt).

More disturbing is your typical far-Left arrogance in suggesting that supporting traditional moral values and the considered wisdom of 5000 years of civilized society is some sort of mental illness. I once heard of people who put political opponents in mental hospitals. Fortunately, the Soviet Union was cast into the ashbin of history in 1991.

12:46 AM


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