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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Political Home for the Marchers

Peter Liebold and Liz McCloskey wrote an interesting piece in today's Washington Post regarding the lack of a political home for pro-life Catholics - a sympathy which I share. This essay coincides with the annual March for Life.

I must add that the solution proposed by many of the marchers, the turning of the matter over to the states, is also distasteful, as it would also jeapordize federal supremacy in civil rights issues. Abortion must be removed from the right wing social agenda, which at times is intolerant of migrants and blind to the effects of past discrimination (it is ironic that the march comes one day after the MLK Holiday - and I note that the Archdiocese of Washington was a big supporter of the March on Washington, where Dr. King first came to national attention).

It is also time to end the association between the criminalization of abortion and support for life. There are more effective ways to support the unborn. Providing a system whereby everyone can go to college without burdening their parents is a start (it would be better to publicly fund the first two years of a BA and have students find an employer to privately fund the last 2 and the MA). More importantly, it is time to use our tax system to fund a living wage, so that when each child is born, the parents receive an additional tax credit supported $500 per month in tax credits regardless of their base income (which will likely go down to accomodate a shift to paying for family support).

The Church as a provider of education and an employer could begin to make some moves in this area. When it does, I know it is serious about Life issues.

As for politics, I am of the belief that Governor Huckabee is the closest to the positions I have outlined and the most able to come to some compromise on this issue. The partisans who are arranging marches and fundraisers around this date show the state of the debate on this issue. There is none. Rather, we have opportunities for publicity and fundraising. Considering what a cash cow this annual event is, why compromise?


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