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Monday, February 04, 2008

Jail Bush, Vote McCain?

Thinking about the positions of the Senator from Arizona, one cannot help but notice his continued oppossition to many of the positions taken by the current administration in the War on Terror - especially regarding torture and the treatment of prisoners of war.

I am sure somewhere in the Adminstration, there are calculations afoot as to personal culpability and the possibility of jail time, including war crimes trials at the Hague.

Looking at the likely winners tomorrow or next November, there have to be a few people who are a bit afraid of John McCain, possibly more so than any of the other candidates.

Why not fear Clinton or Obama? It is likely that neither of these candidates, if elected, will risk the ire of the right by launching into a punative investigation of the prior administration. Given Obama's message of unity, I doubt he will ship Bush and Cheney off to the trial they so richly deserve. Additionally, no one in the defense establishment will likely open up to either of them about what they have seen in the past seven years.

Not so with John McCain. My guess is that, if elected, he will ask the right questions and people will volunteer the right information. If this happens, a standup guy like McCain will pursue the matter and some people are going to jail.

It is no wonder many Bush surrogates are lining up behind Mitt Romney. I wonder if any promises have been made regarding ignoring the recent past?


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