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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Michigan and Florida

In the extremely unlikely event that anyone on the Rules Committee is reading this prior to debating, let me offer a few thoughts about today's deliberations.

First, Florida and Michigan should be treated in the same way. If Florida loses half of its delegates, Michigan should too. It would seem that the Charter provision requiring that half of the delegates be excluded is correct in both cases. DNC members should be seated, while non-DNC superdelegates should receive half a vote.

Second, on the matter of splitting Michigan, the Michigan party approach is correct. The best answer is to split the difference between the Obama 50-50 split and the Clinton position that the delegates breakdown should reflect the votes cast. Given a 50% split in the delegate total, this would give Obama 30 pledged delegates and Clinton 34 pledged delegates (rounding to the nearest even digit). In Florida, splitting the delegations as votes are cast would be 40 for Obama and 52 for Clinton.

This doesn't do much for Hillary, but it does settle this fairly.


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