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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Blogging Today's Post

So much to talk about this weekend.

In the Early Sunday edition, Dan Egggen talks about how Bush White House Staffers, particularly Dick Cheney, are speaking out about the President's policies. While it is understandable that Bush's GOPeons would want to hit back after Obama's inaugral address, they should remember that some of them are at risk for prosecution for war crimes relating to the torture of detainees and in general ignoring the Geneva Convention.

Tom Donnelly and Gary Schmitt of AEI weigh in favoring an expansion of the F-22 program, which may be shut down this year, as part of the stimulus package (a bit late of them if you ask me, since they are currently voting on final passage). These suggestions would make sense if the F-22 was at all vulnerable. Recent experience has shown that the F-15 has not yet been ecliplsed, raising the question of whether the F-35 will be needed at all.
It would be better if the stimulus of the aerospace industry were directed not to the purchase of unneeded weapons, but toward an expansion of the civilian space program.

Closer to home, Bill Press writes about the closing of his radio outlet, OBAMA 1260 AM, alledging some right wing conspiracy to shut down liberal talk radio. As one who would like to break into progressive talk radio, I would favor a return of the equal time rule. However, I marvel how he fails to mention at all the existence of a thriving African American progressive talk radio community. A blind spot perhaps?

Finally, Rakesh Khurana and Andy Zelleke write about executive pay. The authors analyze the problem correctly, but offer no new solutions. Here is one - move toward not only employee-ownership but also employee control and workplace democracy (with pay one of those things put up to a vote). I gaurantee that if we go down that road, the culture of the CEO will collapse and business will once gain serve the shareholders, the customers, the employees and the public.


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