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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jesus, Zarthons and Gays

Last summer, I was doing a show on and proposed that Paul and Jesus did not have all the facts about homosexuality in their era. Let me amplify my point now.

Jesus, when he was alived, was true man. He had no special link to the Omniscience of God. He and Paul would not have known that gays were born and not recruited.

Let me introduce a hypothetical to illustrate this. Consider this an alternative history.

Assume, if you will, that in the year 29 there was a comet heading toward the earth - the kind that wiped out the Dinosaurs. Also assume that there was an alien pressence on the planet - the Zarthons. Assume that they had technology and materials that might be usable in deflecting the comet with lasers, but they just did not know quite how to do it. Zarthon agents were in all corners of the planet, including Palestine and one had heard Jesus speak and was convinced he was the promised Son of God.

Assume away miraculous intervention - which Jesus would likely accomplish by praying to His Father to deflect the comet. We are examining the human capabilities of Jesus in this exercise, not his great faith (which is also part of his human nature).

Would Jesus be able, without study, to use Zarthon technology to deflect the comet?

Interesting question, eh? It goes to the heart of who Jesus really was - or who we think he was.

In my opinion, Jesus would not have been able to whip together a solution without study. Give a few years of tutoring on Zarthon technology, he might well have been able to do something - although it would not have been something he could pull out of thin air. He had probably the best ability to learn things - however he would not have the knowledge.

In the same way, he did not know what we know now about the origins and nature of homosexuality. Yes they had gays in his day, including the kind we have now (although most of these had wives who were property). He never explicity condemned them, by the way. He condemned pederastry - which is a form of slavery and is different.

My point is, because we understand homosexuality differently than was possible two thousand years ago, we can in good conscience come up with different views and still be Christian. In my opinion, we actually have to change how we treat gays and lesbians if we still wish to be worthy of the name. Face it, Jesus would have voted no on Proposition 8 had he been a California voter.


Blogger wise 1 said...

I guess soddam and gommara never happened either, you are so funny, people today have made their decision, and they already voted it down!

9:35 PM

Blogger Michael Bindner said...

Soddom and Gammorah was an instance of bad urban planning. If you build a city by a geologically active salt springs you should not be surprised if it destroys your city.

The writers of the legend read in the moral story to take advantage of that fact.

The civil rights of gays are not a matter for voting. No ones rights are put up for a vote - that is the nature of republican government. This is what they were talking about in school when they said that this is a republic, not a democracy.

8:10 AM

Blogger Michael Bindner said...

I received a private comment about whether Jesus was wrong or not.

Jesus the man was wrong, since he would not have known what a hypothalmus was. He had emptied himself of all such knowledge, just as he could not tear down and rebuild my 2001 Ford Focus from memory.

Jesus filled with the Spirit said that the Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. This is shorthand for his view of the law. If he knew now what we know then about the science of homosexuality, he would agree with me.

True faith is trusting in him to do so.

8:13 AM

Blogger Joe Alexander said...

What the hell did gay people ever do to straight people? Religion is there to control the masses! Religion keep you in a confined box so that you may not think for yourself. People need to learn to treat others with love and compassion and then you may see the truth for what it is, until people wake up they will continue on with this pattern of hate and negativity. Think for yourselves people. Like wtf have gay people done to straight people? Do we hurt you? Effect your lives in some way? The answer is no gays I believe were put here to make people more tolerent. Once you develope tolerance then maybe then your narrow view will widen and maybe then you will relise you waisted your whole life on negativity!!

4:03 PM

Blogger Michael Bindner said...

Joe, religion does have a group identify function, especially around sex when the larger society is more permissive. That is why the whole Catholic Identity push is a bit shady. It makes the planet wrong, even if the planet is right.

4:22 PM


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