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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Nasty Sarah on a Snipe Hunt

On Thursday last, Sarah Palin debated Joe Biden in a performance that worked for her, but did not do too much for the ticket. The next day, she goes on an attack tour linking Senator Obama with former radicals who live in his neighborhood.

Being young and conservative, she does not seem to realize that yesterdays radical is todays elderstatesman. Manyconsidered my former boss, Marion Barry to be a radical. Given my days in the DC Democracy movement, many consider me a radical.

Perhaps Sarah was a radical of a different sort. Remember, she went to Idaho for college, where more than a few people don't like folks that look like Obama. Perhaps she learned a few code words she is using new in a line of attack that could be called ugly, except that it is ungentlemanly to call a female politician ugly - so one must say nasty instead.

The other possibility is that the McCain camp invented this line of attack for her as a way to get back at her for throwing John McCain under the bus in her debate. When I was a tenderfoot on my first campout, my patrolmates gave me a paper bag and sent me into the woods after a little bird with the admonision to say "Here, snipe, snipe, snipe, snipe."

My guess is that this is what is now happening to Sarah Palin. Now, I was smart enough to know that I had been had. Let's see if she is, because if she isn't making a coded racial attack will not serve her well in 2012. It will likely end her career this year - unless the GOP is permanently writing off the African Americans.


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