This blog started out as a companion piece to my book, Musings from the Christian Left (excerpts of which can be found in the July 2004 link) and to support a planned radio show. Now, its simply a long term writing project from a Christian Left Libertarian perspective (meaning I often argue for liberty within the (Catholic) Church, rather than liberty because the church takes care of a conservative view of morality.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Obama Haters

Is Barack a Muslim? Was he born outside the country? Is he a Marxist who consorts with terrorists?

I believe these are all coded questions. When I hear these rumors passed, I hear something different. I hear the phrase "I will never vote for that N*****!" Of course, the fact that they have to speak in code and won't actually say it in polite company means they have lost.

Victory dance all over your white sheets!


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