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Monday, July 06, 2009

Sarah Palin's Chances in 2012

Everyone is asking what Sarah Palin's latest action will do to her chances in 2012. So what does quitting her job do for her chances?

It ends them. Quitting as Majority Leader after a long Senate career is far different than leaving your post as Governor in your first term. She claims she wants to lead "social conservatives" although given her lack of cohearance on the gay marriage and abortion issues, she may be alluding to the kind of "cultural conservativism" that Senator Byrd practiced when he was the leader of the KKK in Virginia. I had not heard that the KKK was looking for a nationwide Imperial Witch, but given the people she used to attract to rallies, I can see her filling that role.


Blogger Michael E. Pipkins, R.D. said...

Perhaps. Perhaps not. Guess we won't know for sure until the next election. Didn't seem to hurt Obama. Or Clinton or any other politician who left one post when seeking another. It's only an issue here because Liberals know she's a threat so they use this as one more tactic to take her down. In the end, it doesn't matter because the next race is for congress - not the white house. We will make sure that Every one of them is replaced.

6:23 PM

Blogger Michael Bindner said...

Good luck with that (he says dismissively). Replacing every gerrymandered partisan in Congress is, in the words of my late great Political Theory prof, like a mousing climbing the leg of an elephant with rape on his mind.

Neither Obama nor Clinton left the helm of a troubled ship of state in a storm. Also, Obama was a twice published best selling author. Palin's bona fides are a bit more meager. She may shock the world with a well written, non-ghosted book - or even a well thought out ghost written work. Given her performance to date, I kind of doubt it.

Frankly, I am disappointed that she is not running. We took the ACTs in the same year and I most likely got better scores. In fact, in the social sciences section of the test, I was in the top percentile in every comparative demographic. It would have been a pleasure to offer myself as a candidate on that qualification alone.

Governor of Alaska is about as impressive as Secretary for Information of the DC Statehood Party - an office which I have held. There are about 20,000 more qualified people than Sarah Palin in this nation. Running against her would be a way to illustrate that (and I at least have some viable legislative proposals - which is better than her Drill, Baby Drill platform).

8:07 PM

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