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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Health care update: the Catholic Alliance(s), truth versus slander

Today's update is about two organizations, both called the Catholic Alliance. The first is the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. They are promoting health care reform and are in unity with the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, who have come out for health care reform - and who agree with the President about making sure the reform bill is abortion neutral. You can find their web page at If you want the truth about health care, go to this site.

Then there is the Catholic Alliance, who are associated with Priests for Life. There site is here: They are a bit more rabid on the abortion issue, even though, as frequent readers know, the connection between any individual taxpayer and any publicly funded abortion is no greater when it is directly subsidized than when it is indirectly subsidized through the tax treatment of private insurance for employers. Some would call them more partisan than Catholic - indeed, First Things has reported that they are an offshoot of the Christian Coalition.

For more details, see the Leadership University web page here: What is more troubling is their behavior this past weekend at the Tea Party March on DC. Rachel Maddow reports that they produced signs that said: "Bury Obama Care with Kennedy." You can view the segment here: You can see a sample of the sign here, along with other troubling signs, on the Washington Independent page:

I can only react one way to that: SHAME ON THEM! In the Catholic Church, we pray for our dead. We do not mock them.


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