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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Gay Marriage in DC - the Other Shoe

The other shoe has dropped in D.C. Catholic Charities ongoing battle with the D.C. Council over gay marriage. Charities has dropped new spouses from health care coverage in order to avoid covering gay spouses, effective last Monday.

I fail to see the difference between offering benefits to gay spouses and heterosexual spouses in civil marriages (which the Church does not regard as morally licit either - at least not for Catholics) or to divorced and remarried Catholics. Under what I was taught in both Catholic High School and marriage preparation, because married couples actually marry themselves sacramentally (including gay ones), the question is more about saving face for a Bishop without a red hat yet than it is about morality.

The Church is whistling in the graveyard, since its biggest problem is not DC law, but the continued generosity of its donors (many of whom will not be happy about this action - including my family who have given to DC Charities in the past, but won't validate this act by continuing to in the future) and the fact that Catholic (donor) families will soon be asking the gay unions of their children/parents/siblings.

Telling people their relationships are disordered begs the question of how we know the natural order on same sex marriage. It takes true intellectual gymnastics to continue to hold the traditional view. In the Church's premier text on Ethics, Fagothey's Right and Reason (which is used in Catholic minor seminary), the author had to rely on theism to prove that homosexuality was not within the confines of natural law - he could not do it on the merits alone. In other words, its a teaching that should only apply to Catholics (if them) since you can't prove it without reference to the Church's teachings. As such, it should not be imposed on Charities employees that are not Catholic (even if they are gay). Indeed, since the teaching is that logically challenged, it should not be applied to anyone and should not even be a teaching.


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