This blog started out as a companion piece to my book, Musings from the Christian Left (excerpts of which can be found in the July 2004 link) and to support a planned radio show. Now, its simply a long term writing project from a Christian Left Libertarian perspective (meaning I often argue for liberty within the (Catholic) Church, rather than liberty because the church takes care of a conservative view of morality.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Tonite's Show - Education Reform

Recently, the DC Mayor's election hinged on attitudes toward school reform in the Nation's Capital. Meanwhile, the documentary "Waiting for Superman" follows families trying to get their kids into private schools. I addressed the topic of school reform, both in DC and elsewhere, in my book, Musings from the Christian Left. We will talk about all of this and take phone calls with your ideas at 646-200-3496. My education reform chapter is already on this blog here.


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