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Friday, October 29, 2010

Catholic Democrat's Voters Guide

Catholic Democrats has a voter's guide out for the election. In it they compare the relevant part of faithful Citizenship with Democratic accomplishments over the past two years and the current Republican Promise to America. You can see it here at

The guide is entirely generic, unlike what you would think in a voter's guide. For example, it says nothing about local races and candidates. This is not to say that it is not useful in local elections. It is certainly useful if you hear the usual screed from the pulpit about voting "pro-life", as it makes the point that there is not much in the Republican's Promise about ending abortion through the criminal law (which this Diarist and many Catholics don't favor anyway). It is very useful if your local Republican candidate echoes the party line on economics - which is the case in the Virginia suburbs. It is not so useful in DC, where the Republican candidate for Delegate's entire campaign is the showing of dead fetus pictures in her campaign ads.

What seems to be a universal thread is that the Republicans have not done their homework on most economic or social issues and say nothing of import to Catholic voters, Democratic or not. While progressives can fault Democrats for not going far enough in the last few years on our issues, Catholic Democrats does show that they are at least in the ball game, unlike the Party of No.


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