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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

The Ultimate First Strike Weapon

Cross posted from Open Salon:

First of all, let me say that I have no knowledge that the weapon system I am about to describe exists. As far as you know, this is only a thought experiment by an ex-cold warrior. If it does exist, we would not know about it, because it violates various strategic arms treaties with the Soviet Union (who technically, don't exist anymore). The classification on such a system would be so high, few would know about it. It would also be highly classified to avoid the budget debates which turn good ideas into mediocre aircraft - like the B-1 bomber - which had to make so many compromises its performance is limited.

This system takes advantage of everything we have learned in the current war - so it could be put in the future category - although because the technology behind it is already in the field one could assume it is deployed elsewhere.

Ready for it? Here it is.

A remotely piloted, hypersonic bomber with stealth technology, air-to-air defense capability with an air launched cruise missile payload.

If we did have a Soviet enemy, defending against this system would keep them up at night. In fact, Russian defense planners are not stupid, so if the thought of this did not keep them up at night, it is now.

The only real question is, does it already exist?

The part of me that likes toys hopes it does. The part that likes peace and survival prays that it does not.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous Clairese Lippincott said...

It is a space-based weapon and the "payload" does not consist of old fashioned cruise missiles, it is a particle beam weapon that weighs over ten tons.

It was carried into orbit by the Space Shuttle in 2007.

11:47 AM


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