This blog started out as a collection of scripts for an online radio show of the same name. It riffed off of my 2004 book, Musings from the Christian Left, now republished as The Conscience of a Catholic Radical.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Open Letter to Unite the Right

First, forty? You showed up in DC with forty guys? If that is all that stands between Donald Trump and impeachment, he had better start packing for prison. Forty is not worth covering, especially given the good offices of the Metropolitan Police who prevented Antifa from beating you all up and possibly getting good footage on the news. If anything, you united the Left in opposition to you more than any unity gained on the right. Lucky for you it was a slow news day, although I think the rain may have beaten you as a story on the evening news.

Second, your Nazism is an affront to anyone who fought in the European Theater in World War Two, or at least to their memory, as most of them have passed. Shame on you.

Third, Nazism is an affront to those who died in the Shoah and Porajmos (my father was both Jewish and Roma, so I have a right to speak for both). Those of you who deny it happened are simply showing your stupidity. While you are here, go to the Holocaust Museum and see how your denial meets up with the facts. If you know it happened, then your beliefs are an affront to humanity and to those who died, including my Fuchs, Lieb and Diesenbach/Rosenberg cousins who died or were never born due to the message of hate you endorse.  As a former intern for a Republican Senator, I assure you that you don't speak for me.

Finally, about your Charlottesville chant that the Jews will never replace you. We don't want to replace you. Latino immigrants are working like mad sending their kids to college so they will not replace you either. Your desire to maintain your ignorance and your feelings of superiority, having other people work so you don't have to, keeps you at the bottom of American social life. For your own good, turn off FoxNews, put down the meth pipe and the Oxy. We are tired of paying welfare to your children.  Just go home and don't come back.