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Friday, March 24, 2006

Killing Christians in Afghanistan

Currently, the Christian world is in an uproar over the trial and potential execution of a Mr. Rachmani in Afghanistan. The accused has proclaimed his Christianity in the media and the local clerical establishment wants his blood. When he converted sixteen years ago, nothing was done to him. However, now that he has gone public with his conversion, his life is in jeapordy.

As a consequence, international pressure is being brought to bear on the, shall we say, client, Afghani government, which promises to stop the execution and have him declared incompetent. Christian Rightist Gary Bauer is said to be aghast at the potential killing of this Christian.

While George Bush may earn a pass for pandering, Gary should know better. The greatest act of Christian is to witness for Christ with his life. This may not sit well in Gary's waiting for the rapture/justified by faith Christianity, but that is a problem for Gary and his followers. When Jesus was in a similar situation, Peter begged him to not go to Jerusalem to face his cross and Jesus responded "Get out of here, Satan."

Our brother has seen fit to offer his life to Christ. He does so publicly and freely. He has been graced with martyrdom and if he is successful, will attract others to the cause more strongly than any message Gary Bauer or his ilk can preach. You would think Muslim clerics, of all people, would appreciate the danger of creating a Christian martyr to their own cause. Of course, radical Islamic martyrdom often involves killing as much as giving ones life. Christian martyrdom is of a radically different order, since when we go out, we don't take anyone with us.

God grant our brother a blessed sacrifice and may it be a reality to check to us all on the strength of our faith in the Lord. For this, he should be added to the canon of the saints as an example to us all. Radical Islam will not be vanguished by the 82nd Airborne or the 4th ID, but by silent witnesses such as these.