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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weiner forced out for lying about Masturbation

That should be the headline that the mainstream media is forced to use. Anyone involved in showing the gentleman from New York the door should have to use or respond to the word Masturbation in public - if only to show how pathetic this incident really is.

The issue should not be seen as sexting. Sexting is only a way to try to verify age, gender and intent before engaging in phone sex or cybering for the purposes of mutual masturbation.

That of course, is not the problem. It is that he lied about it. Still, it is rather pathetic that he is being forced out for lying about masturbation. A little political courage would have been a nice change, especially with an incident mostly media driven.

What he did was stupid, but understandable. He was either freaked out by the idea of fatherhood or really, really hard up because of morning sickness.

He would not be the first guy who sought a little personal relief in those circumstances. Any guy who says he has not masturbated during the morning sickness phase of pregnancy is lying.

You don't force people out of their jobs for that - or for cybering before marriage.

Liberals should rise up against such puritanism, however it is not to be this time.